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Concrete Pumping Specialists Cornwall Concrete Pumping are based near St. Austell but offer concrete pumping services throughout the Devon and Cornwall areas.

We offer a range of mobile concrete pumps, ensuring a suitable pump for every client and situation. We offer a range of boom sizes ranging from 16 metres to cover small jobs right up to to 63 metre booms for the largest sites. Due to our range of equipment and machinery we can cater for small pours and mass fill concrete sites, so whatever your requirements, gives us at Cornwall Concrete Pumping a call.

What is a Mobile Concrete Pump?

A mobile concrete pump is a truck mounted, roadworthy vehicle, which is used to pump wet concrete into areas that are inaccessible. The vehicle is fitted with a "boom" which is operated using hydraulics to allow positioning of the end hose to the required location.

The Mobile Concrete Pump vehicle is also equipped with a quantity of steel pipe which can be increased in length by laying them on the ground at the end of the boom, or alternatively piped straight from the vehicle to the desired place.

At Cornwall Concrete Pumping we can supply mobile concrete pumps, complete with operator, who has been trained in both the vehicle use and safety awareness. We cannot supply the mobile concrete pump without a driver, this is due to the specialist nature of the pumping machines, and strict safety regulations.

If you require more information about the concrete pumping services available from us at Cornwall Concrete Pumping then please call us on 01726 851202 and we will be pleased to help you.

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