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Concrete is the fundamental components of much of the construction industry in the UK. Ready-mixed concrete is delivered in modern trucks with rotating barrels which keep the concrete workable by agitation. The concrete is actually 'mixed' at the ready-mix plant. The ready-mixed concrete trucks are often wrongly described as cement mixers or cement trucks.

Ready-mixed concrete from BRMCA members is made ‘offsite’ at one of about 1300 plants across the country. The average delivery distance is less than six miles – saving on transport fuel. At the site, the ‘plastic’ product is poured into purpose-made moulds (formwork), and with good site supervision this results in minimal waste. The use of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) such as tunnel form, insulating concrete formwork and post-tensioned frame elements results in fast and economical construction.

Ready mixed concrete is preferable for quantities of 1m³ or greater. By mixing each delivery in one operation, the batch-plants can guarantee the strength and slump (a measure of how 'wet' a concrete is), ensuring that all the concrete cures to the same colour, that it is of a uniform strength, and that the ratio of fines to aggregates is correct. The only drawback to ready-mix is that it may start to set before it can all be used.

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Concrete Cornwall
Concrete Cornwall With modern techniques and over 1300 concrete plants across the UK, we can cut the price on transport costs. Ready Mix Concrete Cornwall

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